Charles strives to produce contemporary honest furniture, which takes an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to design, refining the form and function rather than trying to redefine a product. He feels responsible for the pieces he creates. Every decision from build quality to timber selection and workshop emissions are scrutinised against his practise values. He endeavours to take his clients and peers on a journey of discovery from tree to finished piece.


Alongside commissions, Charles collaborates with the UK's finest makers on production pieces. This is the case for the Turner range, which is made by the highly respected chairmakers Sitting Firm, launched in July 2016.


Alongside commissions, Charles is exploring an emerging field in the design-craft industry.
He calls it Craft-Tech, the theme of updating traditional processes with modern tooling. This can be seen in his Zapotec Cabinet. This advance in tooling means Charles can evolve a design much faster and be more responsive. Traditional processes and finishing techniques are still used where appropriate.

- a Zapotec range will be launched at London Design Fair September 2017