Buffet Desk





The Buffet Desk is born of two observations, the lack of customisation of mass produced desks and storage issues around drawers 


Instead of drawers that are often rammed full, pots suspended in the table top offers visual storage with the contents only an arms reach away


The lids of the storage pots have a dual function, to create a seamless desk top when the pots are not needed but flip them over and you'll find a function that will aid your work.


1. Laminated Surface - An area to put plates and drinks or even doodle that

    can be wiped clean

2. Cutting Mat - For users that do Arts and Craft

3. Book Stand - Allows you to prop up books when reading or

    referring to when writing

4. Lightbox - Users that do Film work, Graphics


As the lids are the same size, the user can have any combination of the four, one of each or multiples

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